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Si è appena concluso lo stimolante workshopin inglese offerto dalla Associazione Parlamento Europeo Giovani(PEG) alle classi 4D LSA e 3C LSA del nostro Istituto. Un sentito grazie alle due eccellenti tutors Gloria e Daniela, studentesse universitarie con una passione speciale per l’Europa dei giovani.

Ecco il commento dei partecipanti:

This experience was significant because it made us understand how the European Union works. We have increased our motivation to be active citizens in our political life. We, as a class, have felt a strong sense of belonging to the European Union.” (3C LSA) 

The experience was surprisingly interesting thanks to our amazing supervisor who managed to involve everyone in joining the discussion by doing group activities, thus creating a constructive environment, where everyone could express their opinion without being judged. In the end the workshop achieved its goal by letting us know more about Europe, the European Union and its aims.” (4D LSA)

Udine, 13 ottobre 2018

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