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Eccoci giunti al 18° incontro del progetto “Biodiversity: the Importance of Being Different”. L’entusiasmo e l’energia dei partecipanti hanno reso la giornata indimenticabile. Di seguito il resoconto in inglese di Fabiola:

“On 12th October 1492 Cristopher Columbus discovered America, whereas on 12th October 2018 the 2C LSA class discovered a new habitat (the Marano lagoon) and  new friends ( the Slovenian teenagers). Once we arrived in Marano , a newly restored fishing village, we boarded on Geremia’s Rosa dei Venti ( a brand new boat) and sailed in the direction of the lagoon: a breathtaking sightseeing tour!

How excited we were to speak with our Slovenian friends! How similar we are. How mesmerized we felt while admiring the ducks and swans, and cormorans and the popular reedsand mash vegetation. 

We also stopped at the Casoni, the old fishermen’s shelters, where we had our packed lunch while the Captain Adriano sang Madonnina del Mareand Azzurro by Celentano. He even told us stories of the old times with inspiring heroines ( the fishermen’s wives) . How fascinating!

All in all, it  was a fantastic experience. By far the best way of learning: learning with joy! We look forward to our 19thmeeting in Pirano ( Slovenia) to visit the Saltworks next April.

Fabiola Parmesan, 2C LSA

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